Introduction Edit

Baryonyx is a spinosaurid native to England during the early Cretaceous. Baryonyx primarily ate fish, but a specimen revealed that it also scavenged. These Baryonyx are sexually dimorphic, males being green while females are brown. Baryonyx was the first species to be experiencing medical problems.

Cloning Edit

When trying to find a suitable spinosaurid to clone, Baryonyx came to mind. It was cloned using ostrich eggs and a few juvenile specimens. Cloning began in 1997.

Feeding Edit

Baryonyx are fed salmon. Carp are occasionally thrown in. Recently, baryonyx's staple diet became asian carp.

Exhibit Edit

Baryonyx is housed in its own exhibit, as they would gang up on others, and is made up of more forests and rivers to better suit its needs.

Medical problems Edit

Baryonyx clones had skin irritation at some points. They are suceptible to the cold, rabies, tapeworms, skin irritation, cancer, Bad Eye, and possibly even Gum Problems.

Projects Edit

Baryonyx is not associated with any projects.